Unique Wax Dilutant


1. What is our Wax Dilutant? Our Wax Dilutant is a proprietary mix of PG and other ingredients, and is designed to convert wax, shatter and any the herbal concentrates into a smooth vapeable liquid.

2. Why Convert your wax and shatter to THC Liquid? There are a few advantages of Converting waxes and shatter to e-liquid: a. Vaping THC results in an increased utilisation of THC. This means that you get loaded in lesser THC, your THC lasts longer, and ofcourse you save money! b. Vaping THC is more convenient. The liquid THC fits in our closed tanks that are leak proof and clog proof. Hence you enjoy your THC on-the-go! c. Our diluting comes in a variety of flavours, so that you can customise your THC experience. Enjoy lip-smacking flavors like Mango Kush, Litchi Lush, and many more.

3. How to use our unique Dilutant? Using our dliutant is very simple. i. Heat your wax or shatter until it is in a liquid state. (We suggest using a microwave for a few seconds).
ii. Heat our dilutant in a microwave for less than 10 second; or in a warm water bath until the liquid is warm.
iii. Mix the wax and our liquid in a bottle and shake until the solution is uniform.

Recommended Mixing:
For those seeking heavy hits: 4g wax + 6ml dilutant.
For those seeking moderate hits: 3g wax + 7ml dilutant
For those seeking an “all-day" Vaping liquid: 1g wax + 9ml dilutant


1. Classic Tobacco
A deep and burly blend of Turkish and European tobaccos mated with robust leafy undertones, this flavor was designed to satiate even the heaviest smokers.
(70% of our 10,000 vapers switched from smoking using this flavor, and used it for 2 months)

2. Reds Tobacco
Modelled to replicate the original American tobacco flavor, Reds is a dry tobacco with very bold tones and a strong nasal exhale.
(30% of our 10,000 vapers switched from smoking using this flavour, and used it for more than 4 months)


1. Vanilla Kappa
Rich and exotic Colombian coffee beans, swirled with delicate madagascar vanilla beans. Sweet, energising, mind blowing. The ultimate vanilla cappuccino. (This is one of our leading switch/transition flavors when moving on from the world of tobacco)

2. Raspberry Brulee’
Crafted for sophisatced and mature palette this decadent créme brûlée is topped off with caramelized sugar, lush sweet raspberries and a touch of Kentucky bourbon flavor; No alcohol! Another of our top flavors used in the transition process by heavier smokers and those that are 40+)

3. Hazed
Silky smooth, rich nutty taste of hazelnut praline to transport you into a decadent dessert land. Resistance is futile! (Preffered flavor in the transition process)


1. Minty Chew
An exact replica of the traditional mint chewing gum, this blizzard spearmint is Icy cool and packed with an explosive blast of freshness. (One of our top flavors used in the transition process)

2. Minty O
Iconic polar breath mint juice raises the bar of freshness to a ‘hole’ new level.
Recharge. Revive. Rejuvenate!

3. Classic Wintergreen
Throat soothing magic of fresh wintergreen leaves will invigorate you from tongue to toe.
Evergreen. Everlasting. Ever so Fresh!


1. Rainbow Candy
The iconic mash-up of strawberry, watermelon, grape, lime, and orange makes for a mouthgasm of fruit perfection (One of our bestsellers)

2. Crazy Berry Gum
A melange of juicy, flavorful strawberries that you can blow out of proportion. A sweet and all day Vape!

3. Classic Cola
Beat the sweltering heat with our refreshing and everyone's favorite fizzy pop. Our cola tastes absolutely like the real deal. Lip smackingly real!

4. Rootbeer Pops
Based on the iconic root beer, this flavor is absolutely true to taste. If you love root beer, you will go gaga over this flavor.

5. Fruit Loops
A throwback to your favorite childhood cereal loaded with sweet, juicy flavor and a fine note of creamy goodness. The most important meal of the day!


1. Litchi Lush
Source from the exotic beaches of Krabi, Thailand.
This delicate and effervescent fruit will help you escape the mundane and drift over to your vacation!

2. Juicy Melons
Featuring sweet overtones of honeydew and cantaloupe designed to refresh and rejuvenate your taste buds. Take your senses for a ride.

3. Cranmelon Floss
An Intense aroma of sweet juicy melons with a splash of cranberries, this is One of Our Most Exotic & Tantalising Vape Juices, Ever!

4. Tangy Tamarind
Our love for all things Asian, this sweet and mild tangy fruit will make you lick your lips. Nonstop!

5. Mango Melody
100% pure and juicy ripened Caribbean mangoes, this flavor incites an energetic and bubbly all day sensation. Freshness is just one exhale away!

6. Crazy Bananas
Reminiscent of our childhood, this fruity banana gum is an all day and very addictive vaping flavor. Consume responsibly!