WAX Dilutant

Enjoy a versatile, customisable and tailored marijuana experience.
Choose either discrete small & potent hits or ridiculous and large bong rips.
Enhance the absorption of your THC and conserve your stash.

The Ultimate Marijuana Experience

Versatile & Discrete

Hassle-free marijuana experience even when you are on the go!
It is unique blend of natural terpenes and organic plant extracts.

Dual Function

Delivers discrete and potent cart like hits!
Enjoy a bong experience with humongous hits!

Luxury of Convenience

Doesn't irritate your throat.
Doesn't clog or separet in your tanks

Bang for you bucks

Expontentially increases THC absorption rates by the body.

Avialable in 11 Delectable Flavors.


Smooth Sailings

Minimal coughing and throat irritation as compared with concentrated doses of THC in cartridges.

Be Bold. Be Discrete.

Catridges let everyone know that you are consuming THC. Pivot experience enables you to blend in intothe world of vaping

Clog-Free & Leakproof. Guaranteed.

Free from clogged, burnt and faulty cartridges.

Get High in Style!

What is Wax Dilutant?


Pivot Wax Dilutant is a more enjoyable, versatile and discreet method of consuming marijuana.

Since our Wax Dilutant exponentially increases THC absorption rates by the body; You get a lot more bang for your buck!

It is unique blend of THC, flavorings and dilutants(PG | PEG).


Pivot Wax Dilutant mated with 925's variable heat and airflow; enables you to vary your THC dosage from nominally mild to vividly wild.

Get High in Style!


Simple 3 step process:

1. Measure & Mix your wax or shatter with Pivot Wax Dilutant

2. Heat the mix until it is in liquid state (We suggest using a microve in the interval or 10 sec or in a warm water bath.

3. Shake until the mix is uniform.

Recommended Mixing
2% to 10% by weight.

Wax Dilutant