A product is valued by how it feels. A brand is valued by how it makes you feel.

Vaping has already significantly improved the lives of millions of ex-smokers and their families, and continues to do so at a rapid pace. It is the technology revolution of the 2000s: going from combustion to vaporization, and yet it has not received the worldwide accolades and recognition that a lifesaving technology like this deserves.

The true essence of Vaping is being lost, because Vaping is currently being marketed as JUST cloud-chasing. It is no surprise that Vaping is still being perceived as a subculture, especially by a vast majority of smokers. What makes it worse is that the market is flooded with over-the- top, non-portable, inconvenient toy like devices that are absolutely unsuitable for a smoker. It seems that smokers are being unintentionally excluded, and that’s the reason why Vaping is unable to grow at an exponential pace.

Pivot’s philosophy is centered around redefining Vaping, and hence our products are meant not just to inspire, but also to have an aspirational value, and be style statements. After all, for humans to embrace any new technology, we must first perceive it as a Lifestyle Upgrade: Something that makes us feel confident; is a better experience; is more convenient, is more economical thereby making our life easier and more fun.

To ensure that smokers are able to visualize Vaping as a life changing technology, and not only as an underground subculture, and for Vaping to grow, we remain focused on Convenience, Reliability, Education and on delivering a perfected Vaping experience: Just the right amount of cloud, minimal liquid consumption, an all-day battery life mated with an iconic design. (As Vaping enthusiasts, we also relish the fun side of Vaping, and few of our ranges will cater to the cloud-chasers, the enthusiasts, and the hard core aficionados!)

Go on, Take a hit. Or two maybe!


Designing and delivering Ultimate Vaping machines is part of our DNA: Machines that anyone can carry proudly; are portable, reliable and easy to use, hit the spot in their individual genres of the vaping journey; and are fully versatile. And through our Concierge service, which will provide support to all of you who are deciding to switch to Vaping; we guarantee to deliver the ultimate Vaping experience. We look forward to having you onboard.

Vaping Personalized!


Life is Short, go find your Pivot!

There are times in one’s life, when the universe throws at them a Pivot, a turning point. I encountered my Eureka moment when I was introduced to Vaping.

Vaping provided a Pivot and an opportunity to express the amalgamation of obsessions of my life which have dominated my thinking: The luxury of convenience, attention to the minutest of details, the desire to experience & deliver perfection and an unnerving affinity towards aesthetics.

Life is Short.
Go find your Pivot!